Fine touching the website

This week-end is our board meeting, which was also the deadline for developing a fully-functional website.  Two days to go, and there are still a few features missing. But overall, the bulk of it is done. I’ve just spent an hour fine-tuning the widget order, finishing the Q&As, and reposting texts from our prototype.

Is it because I am the ‘manual’ type? I actually like this fidgeting, and hands-on step by step improvement – I was reflecting upon this: is it a ‘waste of time’? Superficially, yes, but there’s something beautifully meditative about it – like raking stones in a Japanese garden. And I believe that, somehow, creativity comes from these low pressure periods of repetitive work, or going over and over the same piece. Mmmm, now I’m thinking, maybe that’s my classical music training speaking.


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