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Below is the first edition of the Marco Polo Project newsletter. To subscribe, please contact us at

                                                                 August 2012

Welcome to the first edition of the Marco Polo Project eNewsletter


The new Marco Polo Project website went live in February 2012. Since then, our developers have been working in the dark to make the platform more user-friendly. A significant improvement to our translating interface is underway, and should come up in the next few weeks. So get ready for a better Marco Polo Project experience!

Meanwhile, people are talking about us – with interviews on ABC Radio National’s lingua Franca, SBS Italian, and Jean-Michel Billaut’s blog.


Since June 8, we have been publishing a weekly digest of the Chinese online magazine 1510 on the English language Danwei website. To listen in on conversations from the Chinese blogosphere, keep an eye on this column.

On July 18, we held our first Marco Polo translation workshop in Melbourne at the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas. If you are in Melbourne and would like to join, please contact us at


A smoker’s frustrated Visit To Hong Kong, a reflection on Politics And Stability, or a personal meditation on Animal Suffering. Read about this and more at the Marco Polo Project.

Or if you would like to practice, why don’t you translate one of the stories from Shu Dong, and give non Mandarin speakers an insight into Chinese ways of articulating feelings and emotions.

 Help Us Grow

The Marco Polo Project is a living online community. Without you, we do not exist. Now we need your help to grow.

So that a larger audience can learn about us, please talk about the Marco Polo Project around you, send a link to your friends, or share our translations on Facebook, Twitter, Renren or Weibo.We are also looking for donations and sponsorships, to support further web development. If you think you can help, please contact us at

The Marco Polo Project

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