Newsletter #7 – February 2013

Below is the February edition of the Marco Polo Project newsletter. To subscribe, please contact us at You can also follow us on twitter @mpoloproject.


Our website is getting more interactive! If you find a passage particularly difficult to translate, just send a tweet with #mppolo and a link to the text and paragraph number. Your tweet will appear on the website widget column.

Other improvements are under way. A text filter and Chinese tags will come up in the next few weeks, and back-end im-provements will increase our work efficiency..


Starting Saturday 23rd February, Marco Polo Project will run weekly translation workshops in partnership with Language Connection, offering language learners an opportunity to deepen understanding of Chinese language and culture in a social setting. More details available on this facebook group.

A Taipei translation group is also starting soon. For more information, please contact


Ever wondered about the writers of our texts? We’ve started developing biographies, a project led by Hannah ‘Shengui’ Theaker from Taipei. When you read a text, simply click on the name of an author below the title to find out who they are.

An author you’re interested in has no biography yet? We’re working on it – but you can help us by pasting a text in the comments section, or send us a suggestions via email:

 Help Us Grow

The Marco Polo Project is a living online community. Without you, we do not exist. Now we need your help to grow.

So that a larger audience can learn about us, please talk about the Marco Polo Project around you, send a link to your friends, or share our translations on Facebook, Twitter, Renren or Weibo.We are also looking for donations and sponsorships, to support further web development. If you think you can help, please contact us at

The Marco Polo Project

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