Newsletter #8 – March 2013

Below is the March edition of the Marco Polo Project newsletter. To subscribe, please contact us at You can also follow us on twitter @mpoloproject.

Our first wave of development is over. Back-end improvements have already made the work of our editors more efficient. On the front-end, a filter now allows readers and translators to select texts by language and level of completion.

Again, we would like to thank all generous supporters of our first pozible campaign. And we’re now looking forward to further improvements.

Our online community has come offline, with regular translation workshops run in partnership with Language Connection. To join one, or for more details, look at LC’s facebook or meetup page!

In line with the success of these workshops, we’re now exploring possible partnerships with the Arrow Building on Swanston Street, Foundation for Young Australian’s ‘Young People without Borders’, and La Trobe University.

Are you curious to see the results of collaborative translation efforts? In our first two workshops, we translated this text about friends having small children, and this text about starting a PhD late in life.

Is there a topic you’d like to read in translation? You can email us a suggestion at If participants like it, we may choose it for one of our future workshops.

 Help Us Grow
The Marco Polo Project is a living online community. Without you, we do not exist. Now we need your help to grow.

So that a larger audience can learn about us, please talk about the Marco Polo Project around you, send a link to your friends, or share our translations on Facebook, Twitter, Renren or Weibo.We are also looking for donations and sponsorships, to support further web development. If you think you can help, please contact us at

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