About us

The Marco Polo Project is a digital organisation promoting Chinese and China literacy using peer-learning and crowd-sourcing models.

Our website offers a selection of online writing from China formatted for non-Mandarin natives, with bilingual titles, tags, and author biographies. Our selection reflects the diversity of Chinese writing today, and does not follow any political or ideological agenda.

Our website is also a collaborative translation platform, where learners can practice their translation skills on authentic material and receive feedback on their translation from other, more advanced users. This, in turn, allows non-Mandarin readers to access authentic material from China in translation.

The beta version of our website is accessible here. To know more about our project, please read through the pages of this blog.

The Marco Polo project incorporated as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee in May 2011, and is based in Melbourne, Australia. According to the terms of our Constitution, all profits are reinvested in the company to promote our goals. Our operations are led by our Founder and CEO Julien Leyre, with advice from our board and support from pro bono collaborators, and volunteers.


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