Support us

The Marco Polo Project is a non-for-profit organisation, aiming to promote dialogue and understanding.If you share the same goals and are willing to help, here’s how you can get involved:

  • translate or review translations on our website
  • spread the words and bring your friends along
  • partner with us or help us share our vision through media and conferences to get wider recognition
  • donate money to the project to cover our web-delopment work, hosting needs, and core administrative costs, or to support special projects, editorial research and workshops.
  • join one of our teams as part of our internship programs. You can join:
  • our web team, and help us develop new, cool features for our users
  • our editorial team, help us select the best texts from the Chinese web, and make the most of our existing database
  • our engagement team, and help us grow our presence online and community
  • our workshop team, and help us run and facilitate collaborative translation workshops
  • our research and evaluation team, and help us improve our model and measure our impact.

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