Marco Polo Project translation events

The Marco Polo Project is looking for partners to organise all-you-can translate events in and outside China.

Translation events bring together native speakers of Chinese and/or English for a 2h30 translation race, followed by discussion. They’re a great opportunity to read good writing, improve language skills, and make new friends.

All-you-can-translate events are extremely cheap to run – you just need a space with good WIFI, a few computers or tablets, and a small group of people willing to spend time together reading and translating Chinese. If you’re interested in organising your own, send us an email at, post a comment on this page, or contact us through facebook, twitter or weibo. We will send you a full event pack, including pdf handouts, and help you set up your first event.

The video below introduces our event – if you can’t access it, this link will take you to the youku version, accessible in China.



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